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HairPeople Partners with Tao Climate to Offer Hemp Carbon Credits for a Greener Future


From Carbon Neutral to Carbon Positive Hair Service

HairPeople, Dublin’s premier luxury salon owned by hair industry leader Bernadette Byrnes and media sensation Jennifer Zamparelli, is proud to announce an exciting new initiative aimed at combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices in the beauty industry. Building on its commitment to environmental responsibility, HairPeople is now offering clients the opportunity to purchase Hemp Carbon Credits from Tao Climate to make their hair service carbon positive. This initiative allows customers to make a measurable and positive impact on reducing the threat of climate change while enjoying the salon’s world-class hair and beauty services.

HairPeople has always been dedicated to providing exceptional hair and beauty experiences while prioritising environmental consciousness. The salon’s commitment to sustainability has been reaffirmed by achieving certification as a carbon neutral business. By partnering with Tao Climate, HairPeople is taking a significant step forward in its sustainability journey, providing clients with an opportunity to further offset their emissions and contribute to a greener planet with a measurable carbon positive gain.

Hemp Carbon Credits from Tao Climate offer clients a unique and effective way to reduce their carbon footprint. Hemp, a fast-growing and versatile plant, is known for its exceptional ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By investing in Hemp Carbon Credits, HairPeople clients can directly support initiatives that plant and process hemp in Ukraine, effectively sequestering carbon in hempcrete housing for people who have lost their homes in the conflict, while mitigating climate change. This forward-thinking approach allows HairPeople’s customers to align their beauty routines with eco-friendly values.

Bernadette Byrnes, Founder and Creative Director at HairPeople, expressed her enthusiasm for the new initiative, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Tao Climate to offer our clients the chance to make a real impact on climate change. Our salon has always been a place where beauty and environmental responsibility coexist, and this collaboration takes that commitment to the next level. As someone deeply passionate about sustainability, I’m thrilled that HairPeople can offer our clients the opportunity to further offset their emissions through Hemp Carbon Credits. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change.”

HairPeople Salon Dublin’s partnership with Tao Climate underscores its commitment to sustainability, elevating the beauty industry’s standards for environmental responsibility. The salon’s clients can now take pride in knowing that their beauty routines contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

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Featured image: Pictured in HairPeople Salon Dublin, L to R: Felix Roick, Tao Climate; Bernadette Byrnes, HairPeople; Gary Byrnes, Tao Climate.

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