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HairPeople’s Tree – A Year in the Life


Before I viewed the property for HairPeople, I had already fallen in love with Adelaide Road and its beautiful, iconic Plane trees. 

As I round the corner on my way to view our salon the trees take my breath away.

I think: Please be the one! And it is!

The door: green, my favourite colour.

The neighbouring business: it’s called Eden, my daughter’s name.

Then I walk into the room with its stunning, enormous windows, its golden chandelier, and its delicate plasterwork. The golden, airy view is filled with the Plane trees. Platanus.

The room is filled with emotion, history.

I fall in love.

So I took a picture of those trees from the same spot in the salon every day for a year.

We all savour the view every day, and our clients love it too! Our trees are an essential part of Hairpeople.

Beautiful in all seasons, rooted and grounded.

Reaching for the sky.

Leaves dancing in the sun.

From vibrant greens to coppers and golds.

They are calming and inspirational.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt its emotion? 

I believe all buildings have an emotion.

It’s what the fabric of the place makes you feel when you’re inside.

Warm, safe, calm, relaxed, luxurious, feminine, French, classic, beautiful, stressless, sleepy, sensitive, kind.

These are just a few words from our clients about how they feel in HairPeople.

Where’s your happy place? 

By Bee

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