HairPeople Philosophy

Bernadette Byrnes and Jennifer Zamparelli have joined forces to launch a female-founded hair philosophy, embodied in their first salon, HairPeople, 13 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2. It’s all about the experience, with world-class hair services delivered in a luxurious setting.


The HairPeople Philosophy has 3 key pillars: 

Client Experience.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


1. Client Experience

We want every client of HairPeople to be absolutely thrilled with their hair. And we want every element of the experience to be the best in the world. Nothing less than 100% satisfaction is acceptable to everyone on the HairPeople team. We want our clients to be brand lovers.


2. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We accept everybody as they are. We welcome everyone. We will make anybody feel better about themselves, no exclusions. We embrace diversity: among our clients, our team and our suppliers.


3. Sustainability

We’re working with our suppliers, our partners and our clients to minimise our impact on the environment. This covers our carbon footprint, our use of plastics and water, and the legacy we leave at the end of every day. More exciting news on this coming soon!


Thank you for joining us on the HairPeople Journey to a Better World.


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HairPeople Vision

Our Vision is that having fabulous, sustainable hair will be as easy and as fun as meeting your best friends for coffee.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen more emphasis on hair and beauty – along with digital and social media influencing every aspect of life. Mix that with a sustainable lifestyle becoming a life-or-death imperative. All of these together are trends that are set to accelerate. As women seek out the experience of a luxury hair service, with an ethos that aligns with their own. We are here.

Imagine a luxury salon experience, with the lowest environmental impact – and the operational carbon footprint fully offset! 

We can now deliver this, with our first HairPeople salon location! Where we’ve integrated our hair services and products into a seamless offline – online experience, with a distinctive brand position and voice.

The pandemic has been a valuable lesson to everyone, in just how important it is to have a hair stylist that you really trust. The time is right, to embrace a luxurious hair service and product experience with soul, with inclusive values, with delight at every touchpoint.

HairPeople’s purpose is to make our clients’ hair amazing, on a mission to deliver sustainable products and services, with only the very best people on our team, and partnerships with top brands.

We insist on offering the best quality hair services to absolutely everyone.

Online booking is now open.

“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.”

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein

“Life must be understood backward. But it must be lived forward .”
Søren Kierkegaard

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