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Senior Stylist


Fringe Trim €15.50

Gent’s Cut €39.50

Restyle Cut and Blow Dry €88.00

Trim and Blow Dry, Curly/Boho Finish on Long Hair €93.00

Wash, Cut and Blow Dry, Short to Medium Length Hair €80.00


Boho/Curly Blow Dry €44.00

Ghd/Wand on Dry Hair €32.00

Long Hair Straight Blow Dry €39.50

Short Hair Blow Dry €33.50

Upstyle €54.00

Wash and Upstyle €86.00

Bridal €85.00

Pincurls Add-on €5.00

QOD 12-Week Blow Dry

Long/Thick Hair €186.00

Short/Fine Hair €129.00

Patch Test/Consultation €0.00


Kerastase Fusio Dose €25.00

Gloss Toner, Styling Add-on €35.00

Gloss Toner with Colour Service €20.00

K Water Treatment €15.00

Colour Services

Our Colour Service prices are for guidance. You’ll receive a tailored quotation based on your needs, and the HairPeople colourist’s assessment, during your consultation.

Balayage Long Hair from €168.60

Balayage Short Hair from €135.00

Dia Richesse Sides and Parting from €30.00

Extended Root Bleach from €124.00

Floodlights from €45.50

Full Head Hilights Long Hair from €163.00

Full head Hilights Short Hair from €125.00

Gloss Toner Styling Add-on from €35.00

Gloss Toner with Colour Service from €28.00

Half Head Hilights from €100.00

Inoa All Over Colour from €87.50

Inoa Colour Mask from €50.00

Inoa Root Tint from €72.00

Majirel All Over Colour from €73.00

Majirel Colour Mask from €45.00

Majirel Root Tint from €62.00

Scalp Bleach Roots from €85.00

Semi Colour Mask from €39.50

Semi Permanent All Over Colour from €78.50

Semi Permanent Roots from €56.00

TBar Hilights from €72.00

3 Step Metal Detox from €22.50


Hairtalk Tape-in Application Price varies depending on your needs, quotation during consultation

HairTalk Tape-in Consultation €0.00

HairTalk Tape-in Removal with Blowdry €79.00

HairTalk Tape-in Removal Only €35.00


Eyes Only €25.00

Makeup excluding eyelashes €46.50

Makeup including eyelashes €50.50

Hair and Makeup Packages

Curly/Boho Blow Dry and Makeup €81.50

Long Hair, Straight Blow Dry and Makeup €77.40

Short Hair Blow Dry and Makeup €72.00

Upstyle (no wash) and Makeup €91.00

Brow and Lash Services

*Patch tests required*

Eyelash tint €17.00

Eyebrow tint €15.00

Eyebrow thread €17.00

Eyebrow thread and tint €30.00

Eyelash and eyebrow tint €30.00

Eyelash tint, Eyebrow tint and Eyebrow thread €42.00 

Eyebrow lamination €60.00

Eyelash lift €70.00

Eyelash lift and brow lamination €120.00

Upper lip thread €12.00 

Chin thread €12.00

Side of face thread €12.00 

Upper lip, side of face and chin thread €30.00

Full face thread €45.00

HairPeople has a 24-hour cancellation policy, i.e., we need at least 24 hours’ notice of appointment cancellation or rescheduling. You can see our complete booking Terms and Conditions here.

New colour, brow and lash clients will need to call in for a patch test 48 hours before your appointment. This is to ensure safe and effective treatment for you. You can book here.

HairPeople Service prices include Value Added Tax, VAT, at 13.5%.

HairPeople Product prices include Value Added Tax, VAT, at 23%.

We have a complete range of Kerastase hair products available in-salon. 

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